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История изменений «How To Create A Battle For Azeroth Speed Gear Set»

  • 26 дн. назад: Updated the change to the Pathfinder buff icon, it now correctly registers 12% when using Aspect of the Beast talent. Updated the Benthic gear comparison between levels 1 and 7, along with the overall stat change. От dillybar
  • 2020-01-11 в 00:40: - added that benthic gear is account bound - added picture and information about the effects on tertiary speed from upgrading benthic gear - added that benthic gear has a good chance at having sockets. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-24 в 18:22: Created a section for the video. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-24 в 18:03: Adding a Youtube video for demonstration of speed. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-22 в 23:54: Forgot to close a parenthesis От dillybar
  • 2019-12-22 в 12:43: Added in the 4 different WoD cloak enchants that are available, explaining that it doesn't matter which one you pick. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-22 в 12:17: Added speed comparison for using bear tartare to the best secondary stat food buff. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-22 в 11:52: Tested out the Deadly Navigation enchant on my weapon, here are the results. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-22 в 11:27: Added in a pet photo, explained reason for selecting a water strider. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-22 в 11:21: Added information about the animation changing above 163% run speed, added supporting photo. Minor rewrites to a couple of items. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-21 в 19:01: Added some photos, updated some other items. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-21 в 17:31: Discovered that the two Benthic items that have the Longstrider trait, are dependent on what type of armor your class wears. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-21 в 04:41: Better explaining the use of top secondary stat in conjunction with the Longstrider talent. От dillybar
  • 2019-12-21 в 04:31: Silly mistake, reading the Longstrider trait gave more insight as to the formula and which secondary stat was providing the speed increase, it was crit and not master. От dillybar
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