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The Damned

Blizzard пометили это задание как устаревшее — его нельзя получить или выполнить.
Obtain 4 Scavenger Paws and 4 Duskbat Wings.
Лапа падальщика (4)
Крыло сумеречницы (4)


My duties include tending to our wounded warriors, tailoring armor and clothes, and assisting Shadow Priest Sarvis with whatever else he might need.

From the look of it, you'll be enlisted in his service also... hunting the Mindless Ones, if I know his mind. Well, if you'd like to stay in one piece--and I've no doubt you do--perhaps I can help. I'm running out of paws and wings, and if you bring me some, I'll find some armor for you. You'll find a good number of wolves and bats to the south.




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Волоконные наручи Старый кожаный пояс
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